Why Gents?

The Experience. I wanted this to be what Gents is about. Its not just about the classic branding or the packaging. It's about the product and the people. Without a great product you can not enjoy a great experience. Gents is about bringing classiness back to the modern man. To do so I have spent countless hours perfecting these manly goodies. To kick off I started with my very own After-Shave, Beard Oil and Mustache Wax. Each have been put through their own series of tests and have been created with all natural ingredients. All Gents products have been MAN-made, MAN-Poured and MAN-packaged.

I promise to make your experience with Gents as top notch as it can be. Small batches, high quality ingredients and delivery will put your experience with Gents in a league of its own. 

Gents is currently out of stock of ALL PRODUCTS. There will be another batch coming VERY SOON! Thank you for stopping by!


Austin Thomas, Founder