Patriot - Beard Balm


Patriot Beard Balm is the perfect addition to your arsenal of Beard Care. This beard balm is made to work in tandem with all Gents beard oils. A great superfood for your beard giving it a light hold to tame the beast.



Using the back of your thumbnail, scrape a dime size of Patriot Beard Balm into your hands and massage until it softens completely. Massage into beard to desired fit. Tame and enjoy!

The Smell

Bay leaf. Fir needle. Cedar wood. Bergamot. 
Masculine, fresh and manly!

The Breakdown

Argan Oil - Moisturizes, conditions and shines the beard.
Almond Oil - Stimulates hair growth. Prevents hair breakage and split ends. Adds luster and softness.
Apricot Oil - High content of vitamins A and E. Hydrates and conditions.
Castor Oil - Natural moisturizer. Helps with split ends and fights bearddruff.
Shea Butter - Fortifies the hair. Keeps the hair softer for a longer amount of time compared to oils.
Mango Butter - Natural softener. Sufficient SPF to protect your hair against the damage from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

Beeswax - Natural yellow, unbleached beeswax is the perfect additive to tame the beard. Keep those hairs in line!

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